What to Get a Friend Who is Moving Away


Very few people in the world get to live in one place their whole lives while even fewer love living in one place their whole lives. there are plenty of times when we have to move from a place we have grown to love and cherish and explore new frontiers thanks to transfers, better opportunities etc. If you know someone who is moving soon then you know that it is customary to get them a parting gift, one that will (hopefully) help them remember you and the place they left. But what can you give them? Read on for some suggestions:
A Memento of Your Time Together
This can be anything from a framed photograph as souvenir of a place you visited together, to something you found at a favourite spot. Your friend will always appreciate something that will evoke memories of your time together, so something small and memorable is a great idea. If you live near the beach, then collect some sea shells into a small bottle with some sand; find your best photograph together and have it framed for them; or gift them a souvenir that you bought like a fridge magnet or replica model that you bought at some site you visited together and had a blast. Every time your friend sees it, he/ she will remember the good old days.
A Memento of the Place Left Behind
Your friend may be leaving one of the best places he/ she lived in, so help them remember it forever with an evocative gift. You can find cityscape prints for sale in tourist spots in many cities that can be hung on a wall and admired forever. If you want better quality, track down some cityscapes prints for sale online; there are artists who will do one for you if commissioned. Or look for snow globe paper weights that have something iconic inside. For instance, New York has the famous statue of Lady Liberty in sparkles and water while Sydney has the Sydney Opera House covered in golden spangles and music notes. If none of these work for you, buy them a gift card or loyalty membership to a restaurant in their new home that has food reminiscent of where they’re leaving – they will be grateful.
Something Functional and Useful
The above gifts work for the sentimental friend, but what about the hard- core realist who has no time to get dewy eyed over a move that is mandatory? The best thing you can get them is something that will be useful to them in their new life. If they are moving somewhere sunny and bright, get them some cool sunglasses, custom shades for their car etc. Or if they are moving to a bigger house, buy them crockery, utensils, or appliances like a toaster or coffee machine that will help them get settled. Failing that, give them a gift certificate to a big department store and let them buy themselves a gift.

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